Bulk Email Server is a low-cost mass mail or unlimited SMTP server designed and secured to only send your bulk emails. It incorporates a dedicated IPs which is mapped to your area name and we setup rDNS, PTR, SPF, DKIM, multi host name and IP Rotation in your Bulk Email SMTP Server. This implies that you can utilize your mass mailing application to sends through millions bulk email in a month. Sending bulk emails or high volume emails presents unique challenges for businesses, ISPs and email hosting companies. To accommodate high volume bulk email sending, Bullet Email Server provides SMTP Dedicated server. All plans include 24×7 monitoring your campaigns and managed support for bulk email server, IP, DNS reputation and software. Send millions of emails daily using your own dedicated bulk smtp server. Our Servers can be used for promotional and transactional emails.

Dedicated Email Server Packages

Bullet1 Bullet2 Bullet3 Bullet4
Processor 2 Core 2.66Ghz 2 Core 2.66Ghz 4 Core 2.66Ghz 4 Core 2.66Ghz
Hard Disk 50GB 100GB 150GB 250GB
BandWidth 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
IPv4 Max 4 Max 8 Max 16 Max 32
Daily Sending 30000 emails/day 50000 emails/day 100000 emails/day 200000 emails/day
Starting from
US $150/mo
Starting from
US $200/mo
Starting from
US $300/mo
Starting from
US $400/mo
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All Server Include


Send Unlimited Emails


Create multiple Address


Setup rDNS, SPF, Domain Key


Send message in Text or HTML


Dedicated Whitelisted IP


POP/IMAP connectivity

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